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Wellness Workshops

Our sessions bring together managers and senior leaders

in a collaborative learning environment.

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Removing Burnout: Learning Strategies For Better Work Life Harmony

Program Description:

A wellness workshop designed to give you the tools to RESET your life. Burnout threatens to decrease employee satisfaction and increase employee turnover. This unfortunately leads to higher business costs and lower productivity. This engaging session addresses the concerns, affects, and demands of burnout. It also includes self-care strategies to improve work and home life demands. Professionals will master language to help improve self advocacy and learn to thrive in a Post-Covid Era.

Casual Office Meeting
Leaders building trust workshop

Leading Leaders: Proven Strategies to Build Trust

Program Description:

What are the building blocks of a great organization? Establishing and growing trust is a foundational principle for successful teams. This interactive workshop helps leaders to understand how workplace trust impacts company productivity. Participants will also learn the key behaviors proven to boost trust, while self evaluating if they need to eliminate costly trust breaking habits. Strategies shared in session will equip leaders to redevelop their current methods and experience greater success.

Use Stress to Your Advantage
and Build Project Management Skills

Program Description

How do executives handle competing priorities and deadlines? Do they have a go-to strategy? In this hands on training, participants will re-examine their current tools and learn how to better manage workplace stressors. Gain valuable insight by identifying best practices that can be implemented in a daily routine. Leaders will become better equipped with their strengths and how to leverage them on their team.

Leaders attending stress managment workshop
Leadership wellness workshop

Driving Away Toxic Behaviors That Costs Your Organization Money

Program Description

Every leader has behaviors and skills that help them to be successful. What happens if their preference prevents their team from achieving success? If left unaddressed, organizations can lose thousands of dollars due to employee turnover, stress related healthcare costs, and low engagement. This workshop is designed to bring awareness to each manager’s leadership style, management personality, and work habits that could be toxic. Together attendees will explore empathetic leadership and begin to identify behaviors that help their organization meet business goals.

Leadership Evolution: Discover Motivation Techniques to Excite Your Employees

Program Description

Motivation is an internal state that pushes individuals to engage in goal-directed behavior. The right motivation is key to supporting employees to reach seemingly difficult goals and handle new responsibilities. When motivating employees to excel, leaders must know which technique works best for each individual. This hands on workshop will get participants out of their comfort zones in order to effectively excite their employees.

Leaders learning to motivate employees

Kate T.

"I love the thought awareness, emotions, and actions session. Excellent speaker and presenter!"

Melissa J.

"I can't wait until the next workshop. I'm definitely going to use the techniques for saying No and breathing to reduce stress."

Scott P.

“It was good to take the time to discuss stress and ways to better organize my responsibilities.”

Bring Wellness to Your Organization

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